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Singapore a city known for its cultural exuberance:

Singapore is a city state in Southeast Asia has one of the best economies and standard of living in the whole of Asia. Founded as a British colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world’s most prosperous countries boasts world’s busiest port. Because of peace, order, discipline and hard work of people Singapore has become a global country for business, conference, seminars, leisure and tourism. Combining the skyscrapers and subways of a modern affluent city with great influences of Chinese, Malay and India , tropical climate, delicious food ,vibrant night scene, great opportunities for shopping makes Singapore one of the most sought after tourist destination which is visited by vast number of travelers. So why not you! Just catch cheap flights to Singapore and visit this astonishing city that makes you feel home away from home. [Continue Reading...]

From the Cruise Desk:
Around the World In 111 Days

When people think of cruises they think of a short three day trip to the Bahamas or an eight night cruise around the Caribbean.  Some people even think of a ten day cruise to Hawaii or maybe a two week junket to Alaska or Europe.  But a cruise that lasts for over one hundred days hitting ports of call on four different continents and skirting around a fifth?  Yep – they do exist. Read more…

Cruise Do's and Don'ts:
Planning Your Cruise:
Do look into what each different cruise offers while staying in what is basically a floating hotel. Different cruise lines and even different cruises to the same destinations by the same cruise line but on different ships can vary in what they offer. [read more great tips!]
Vacation Do's and Don'ts:
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Caribeean Destinations:
Costa Rica tourism

by: Cris

First of all, if you planned a trip to Costa Rica, you’ll need to know all the options about transportation, lodging, activities etc.

Here you’ll find some tips and some good website to plan your trip to Costa Rica.


You have 4 options: Costa Rica domestic flight, rent a car, take the bus or taxis or simply walk.

Hitchhicking is too dangerous.

- Costa Rica domestic flight: the better option if you want fast and safe transportation.

Now, you can flight from San José airport or Liberia airport with Sansa Costa Rica.

- Rent a car: for a good mobility, you can rent a car for somes days or weeks. There’s a lot of rent a car businesses in Costa Rica. You can go on most popular rental car companies like Alamo, Budget or Hertz. Or you can also find good deals on website like Costa Rica Travel and Vacations. Just go on the tag transportation.

-Buses or taxis:

Public buses are a good option too if you have enought time to travel.
This option is affordable and safe. Just keep in mind to watch your luggage if you have and everything would be fine. Popular bus companies are MUSOC, TICABUS, TRACOPA.

For southern Costa Rica, you can visit Southern Costa Rica Biz to have bus schedules or to check more options (rent a car, taxis, charter, etc.)

There’s a lot of taxis in Costa Rica. I suggest you to take only the officials ones.
At the airport, they are orange. In some other cities, they could be red. Just look for company’s name on the cab. Taxis are also affordables.

-Walk: The cheapest way to travel for sure! It’s also the best way to discover the real Costa Rica. When you walk, you have time to watch around you and for sure, you’ll discover special thing, see animals, plants, insects, etc.


There is somes all inclusive resorts in Costa Rica’s northern part.

For Costa Rica honeymoon, there’s a lot of options. One very good option is Cristal Azul
For a romantic getaway, Costa Rica have all you need.

You can also book an hotel or a villa.
One good site to see different options is, one more time, Costa Rica Travel and Vacations. With them, you can book costa rica luxury hotels, honeymoon package, family vacations, arenal volcano hotel and more!

For hotels in Southern part like Pérez Zeledon, Uvita or Manuel Antonio, you can visit

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Romantic Getaways:
Best Island Wedding Destinations in the Caribbean

by: Jack E Cox

The Caribbean is a beautiful location with numerous islands, different beaches and immense scenic beauty. If you want to go for a vacation or for a honeymoon then you can choose this location. It is also one of the best locations when it comes to island wedding destinations. Marriage is a special event of your life and an island wedding destination will make it even more special as well as memorable. With so many islands, you can choose from some of the best islands and make your wedding an event to remember for your lifetime. Here we will be discussing about some of the best island wedding destinations in the Caribbean from where you can make your choice.

Popular island wedding destinations

Let us have a look at some of the popular island wedding destinations in the Caribbean.

1. Barbados

Barbados is the island if you want a traditional wedding. The historic churches are the best place where you can arrange a traditional wedding. The flora and fauna of the island also make an ideal surrounding for the wedding. Some of the venues in Barbados which are perfect for conducting a wedding ceremony include Tiami Luxury Catamarans, Flower Forest, Bougainvillea Beach Resort, Savannah Beach Hotel, Jolly Roger, etc.

2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is also one of the popular wedding destinations in the Cayman Islands among the couples. For a unique wedding, the east side of the island is perfect whereas if you like all the action then you should choose the west side of the island. The Seven Mile Beach of the Grand Cayman is one of the best beaches where there are numerous hotels where you can arrange your wedding. You can put up in top resorts like the Caribbean Club or the Reef. After wedding, both of you and your guests can visit the Stingray City for group snorkeling. Wedding in the Cayman Islands is bound to be full of fun and enjoyment for the newlyweds as well as their guests.

3. The Bahamas

When talking of island wedding locations, we cannot leave behind Bahamas. Wedding in this island will give you a lot of variety. Paradise Island and Nassau are the main attractions for this island and are popular choice of wedding locations. Atlantis is just like Las Vegas. The casinos and water parks in here make the wedding even more exciting. The Out Islands in the Bahamas like the Exumas, Harbour Island, etc are ideal for those who want a quiet wedding away from the crowd. A puddle jumper can take you to these islands where you can enjoy the peaceful environment and add to the romantic feel.

There are several other islands in the Caribbean which are also popular wedding destinations. Some of them are Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, Aruba, etc. So for having the best wedding which you will remember throughout your life, you can choose from many wedding destinations in the West Indies. Here is wishing you a happy married life!

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Sophia Haq is a travel freak and loves to visit new places. She writes about various topics related to tours and travels. Staring from local tourist attractions to top wedding destinations, she has written many articles.

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Every holiday plan carries a budget. It’s not the very first thing we like to contemplate, but it is probably the most integral parts of that plan. Usually, it’s the place to start and items are taken out of the list because they no longer suit said budget. Pity. But a vacation that produces a huge hole in your bank account or credit card isn’t actually enjoyable. Think about these tips and tricks as a way to conserve a great deal of cash and plan a great holiday that matches your budget. Read more…